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TW1 - Everybody's talking about me

TW2 - From the time of our Ancestors

TW3 - Sacred Friendships

TW4 - Journey on the River

TW6 - When the humans thought they were people

TW7 - Bear Man and Ant Lady

TW8 - Our Beloved Ancestors

TW9 - Adult Bedtime Stories

TW10 - Teachings of the First People

TW11 - Gifts From Heaven


Jimmy Chester – Everybody Is Talking About Me

This album is titled after the lead singer's traditional name. His english name is Jimmy Chester. In the ancient language of his people this ancestral name reflects a meaning of a man that possesses a lot of ceremonial songs and dances of his people. The album's first song is a blessing song and is a traditional song that Jimmy uses to begin ceremonial rituals at traditional tribal gatherings of his Nuchanalth People. Nuchanalth is the name of the original language spoken at his village [ Nit Nat] on Vancouver Island B.C. Canada. It is also the same original language of the Makah Nation at Neah Bay in the state of Washington in the US.

To understand the traditional protocols of these tribes one must first understand the songs are sung before speaking and explanations are given at the gatherings. The gatherings are called a ]Pot latch] A very blessed Party full of native people wearing there traditional regalia when they are speaking, singing or dancing on the floor presenting the spiritual gifts of there ancestral lineage. This is done to bless and endorse the ancestral ceremonial work. These party's are most often for when some one will receive an ancestors traditional name. or often a wedding or birthday.

On this album you the listener can hear and experience the songs from Jimmy that he is sharing with the world about the spirituality of the ancient Pot latch, that has existed on our North West coast for thousands of years. These songs are not facsimiles and in particular, a pair of Wolf head dress songs which are on this album. They are preformed at numerous ceremonial events. All of these songs on this album are a very rare experience. It is not common to hear this traditional music out side of the respectfully privet ceremonial events of the Nuchanalth speaking people. How ever as a gift for all of us, Jimmy wants to share the great joy of this ancient spirituality with all people who can listen and feel the strength and enlightenment of the ancestral ways of his lineage. This is a rare and culturally accurate presentation of the songs of a wolf society. They are shared with us with a great generosity from Jimmy Chester from the Nit Nat village.

From the Time of Our Ancestors

This album is a two disc collection of songs Composed by the late Bruce Miller from the skokomish Tribe. The Skokomish Tribe is located on the mouth of the Skokomish River in western Washington at the most southern point of the Hood Canal. This album is arranged as a journey in the ancient times to travel by water in canoes to destinations of other tribes. As Bruce told the story titled The Changer, this was to except an invitation to the ancient gambling games that are known as Sla-Hal. These games are still played today.

The first song on the album titled The Changer is all about the transformation of time, going back a thousand years. Song No.2 is a woman's wool spinning song from at least three hundred years ago. It is from Bruce's lineage. Then the songs transform to the gambling songs that are used in the contest of the game. This collection includes songs to honor the opponent, victory songs and finally a conclusion that is sung in the ancient language the Skokomish spoke. With the message stating we have taken you to the most distant place of our memories.

This album has been used for numerous sound clips of videos and tribal events in Washington. It is monumental for the original sound of the interior Tribes of Washington State. It was chosen by the museum of the American Indian Smithsonian in Washington D.C. as the introductory music of the one year exhibit "Listing to Our Ancestors" 2006.

Kwiat Syaya Sacred Friendship Featuring Vi Hilbert

This album is the first of a series featuring the ancestral stories and wisdom of the elder that saved the language spoken by Chief Seattle. The name of this language is Lushootseed. This album was the first to ever be recorded in an original Puget sound Long house that resides on the Tulalip Indian Reservation. The incredible accomplishments of this giant Native American elder shall live on for eternity. On this album Vi shares The story of Lady lous. A short ten line story told in her ancestral language and is translated ever so elegantly to English. This story was taught to Vi about sixty years ago by an elder Named Elizabeth Kris of the Tulalip and Upper Skagit Tribes. Vi used it as her cover story for every story telling presentation she shared with the world. Also are included songs by Bruce Miller of the Skokomish Tribe. The powerful voice of Isadore Tom Jr.and his son. Plus the beautiful testament from Father Pat Toie, about the cultural future being permanently preserved by Vi Hilbert.

Journey on the River Featuring Vi Hilbert

This is the grand daddy of Vi's recorded albums. This is a double disc album that is the Immediate follow up and a continuation of stories from TW 3 "Kwiat Syaya". They were told for thousands of years before the arrival of Columbus. Vi said They were not only story's, they were the teachings. This album is a beautiful trip as a transformation back in time to the lives of Native people on the Skagit, Baker and Cascade rivers in Washington State. They are told in the original ancient language spoken by her people and translated as each sentence is spoken. Very easy to understand and enjoy. Both albums are accompanied by several well respected cultural leaders of neighboring Tribes of the greater Puget Sound region of Washington state.

London Press proclaimed Vi Hilbert to be one of the worlds ten greatest story tellers. In this collection as only Vi could do, you will be able to experience a time with the first people who lived in our beautiful Pacific North West. A time of the original untouched creation. A time that had peace and a constant harmony with nature and it's creator.

When the Humans Thought They were People

This album is a collection of songs and stories of the Samish People. The stories are all told in the ancient Samish Language and the songs sung in Samish then translated to English. The Samish originally lived in the San Juan Islands and the Anacortes area of western Washington state. The two artists are Vi Hilbert language keeper of the greater Puget sound region and Johnny Moses. Both are world famous story tellers. One of the many qualities of Johnny's talents is he is hysterically funny. This is demonstrated on the Bratty girl story. An excellent album for all ages.

Bear Man and Ant lady

This album begins with a song from Johnny's family. It is a song, sung for North west cost Potlatch gatherings. It is sung in the Nuuchanhnulth language and translated into English. Then followed with johnny's most favorite traditional stories. Bear Man and Ant Lady is the cover story that he usually opens with at story telling events. Johnny has an uncanny ability to have you laughing out of control and then touch the deepest place of your heart. The opening song has a message of gathering the tears. The tears of sorrow, the tears of joy. All of this is called the sacred water. This album is excellent for all age's.

Our Beloved Ancestors

This album comes with a strict instruction from the two ancestors, Vi Hilbert and Bruce Miller who spoke to us with a constant wisdom. Both Vi and Bruce were well known for the extraordinary wisdom and a forever voice of cultural leadership. The two elders said they wanted all people to listen to these three messages in a place of silence with out interruption. They were deliberately chosen to guide the non native with a understanding of the origin of the Native American of the Pacific North west. As Quoted by Vi " We are not Indians, We are the first People of this land." Plus a ancestral story about team work titled lifting the sky. Then Bruce delivers one of his greatest messages ever spoken. This is a thirty nine minute message of the original creation. How we received the right to be on the top of the food chain. Bruce Miller said this very important story, titled The Legend of Sla-Hal is specifically targeted to his own people. The values of living life with balance and respect for all creatures including us humans. Three messages from highly revered elders of the greater Seattle region and neighboring areas. All delivered in extraordinary story's.

Vi said to truly receive the messages in these three stories you may need to listen to then as many as ten times.

Native American Bed time Storys for Adults

This album is exactly as the titled states. This is Johhny Moses humor, dedicated for Adults. It also happens to be one of his best sellers. Apparently there is a large audience for X rated humor. Please listen to this album completely before allowing children to hear it.

Teachings of the First People

This album is all told by master story teller and artist Roger Fernandes. Roger is one of the most accomplished Native American Coast Salish artist's of the Pacific North West. He is an enrolled member of the Lower Elwa Tribe in The Port Angeles area of Washington State. He is also known for cultural education, using art and story telling as he teaches and shares with this beautiful gift. The cover story he usually opens with is Slapoo. A story about a bratty little girl who won't mind her elders in her family. She finds her self in a very dangerous situation. This story has been told in many of the Tribes of Washington and Canada. It has other titles such as the Basket Ogress Woman or Boogie Woman. Roger says the story he is asked about the most and asked to tell again and again by kids is Slapoo. A very delightful collection of stores from the Pacifc Northwest. Excellent for all ages.

A Slapoo coloring book which includes the disc of ALL these stores is also available on our web sight www.10wolves.com.

Gifts from Heaven

This album is all songs, composed by Spencer McCarty of the Makah Tribe at Neah Bay Washington State. It is a magnificent example of an ancient Potlatch. A time and type of tribal gathering that still exists in toady's world. At Neah Bay it is comely called an Indian party. It is completely devoid of drugs and alcohol. One of the greatest Pacific North West Coast Tribal ceremonies that exists today. These gatherings are usually held for an ancestral name to be placed on an individual, a wedding or even birthdays. This is always a joyous event.

The songs in this album are presented in the order of protocol that is accurate for a Makah family to put on a Potlatch. Starting with an actual paddle song to enter with. This first song is an invitation to come join the party. As Spencer said, "Your all invited." Then followed with an actual chant to call on the spirit of the wolves to come join. The third song is for a genuine Makah Wolf dance. This album will take you on a real experience to feel the power of the spiritual world of the Makah's. It is five years in the making and will take second place to no other album I have ever recorded. It was reviewed by several elders of the tribe and cleared for presentation to the world. It is the first album to be released featuring songs of a Makah Potlatch. I am ever so grateful to be allowed to participate in the monumental collection of songs. I am sure you will also be grateful to have a copy and share the experience with others. They are truly gifts from Heaven. This description is authored by Paul D.G.Eubanks owner of 10wolves.com.

More Bruce Miller

(A Lost Recording)
This was the second recording at Bruce's home on the Skokomish Indian Reservation. It is completely unedited. A lot of fun to listen to. Missing for a number of years, with a thought of Bruce it suddenly appeared. His instructions to me, "We need the world to hear the music of our land".

I am so grateful to have had such a dear friendship with this leader. I know you'll enjoy these songs he wanted everyone to hear.

Paul D. G. Eubanks
Producer 10 Wolves Productions